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  • Erickson Gallardo a écrit : 17/09/19

    My eighteen year old daughter, Rebecca, and I had planned this day for weeks. The wife and son were going to be gone all day on a trip with school. Rebecca and I decided we would take advantage and planned a day for ourselves. I took a day of vacation and she would be starting college in just two weeks. We saw this as a chance to spend one good day together before I was to say goodbye to her for the next year.
    The day finally arrived and I vaguely heard my wife and son leave about seven o'clock. The wife was contemplating not going on this trip, which would have spoiled the day with Rebecca. She did not bother to wake me when she left so when I felt movement on the bed at about 7:30, I was about to chew her ass. I was lying in the middle of the bed and the body now in the bed was on the opposite side my wife usually slept, but I didn't give that much thought as I was still half asleep. https://bestpornwebsites.pro/category/porn-blogs/

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