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Profil de Cabbage

Mes informations

  • Nom : Cabbage
  • Race : Tortue (Reptile)
  • Age : 10 ans
  • Surnoms : Infante Cabbage
  • Maître : orangenius
  • Sexe : Mâle

The urge to keep a small turtle came after a friend gave me a book about them. I am not exactly a novice in turtle rearing but I wasn't exactly a hands-on keeper with Gong. Especially this time, I'm staying at an apartment near the school so i do not see Gong very often. Cabbage is a 2.5 inch baby turtle i've been keeping in a large ceramic bowl. On his first night at my apartment, he was able to climb his way out of his bowl. The following morning, i found him under the rice dispenser, nice and snug, after half an hour of searching. He's also really messy so i have to change his water every 3 days until i've saved enough for an adequate filter. He loves to disarrange the rocks i've piled up under his basking spot.

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