Photo de profil de Tullulah

Profil de Tullulah

  • Nom : Tullulah
  • Race : Carlin (Chien)
  • Age : 17 ans
  • Surnoms : Lula, Tulles, Booba
  • Maître : Tate123
  • Sexe : Femelle

We got Tullulah from the Pug rescue. She was in a bad way. She weighed in at a whopping 16kgs and had two massive bladder stones that needed to be removed. With the help of Isabel at pug rescue, a couple of dedicated foster carers and a massive help from her new family, She weighs in at 9kgs! She still have a little more weight to loose but she is looking so gorgeous these days!

Mes photos

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Ma personnalité

  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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