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  • Surnoms : Buns, Bunnykit
  • Maître : leslie27
  • Sexe : Femelle

i didn't bought my dog "bunny" from any Social pet house.. i just bought her from a man who are selling puppies from Alabang.. The first time i saw her she was asleep and when the man see me coming to him to see his puppies he wake-up bunny and gave to me... I bought her for only $32.. Because she don't have papers and not yet dewormed. i carried her from alabang until i reached my house.. She's always sleeping in the morning and awake at the mid of the night. Shes so cute and loving.. she always hug my legs everytime im home.

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  • Mon jeu préféré : Bone
  • Ma nourriture préférée : Pedigree for puppy (in can)
  • Mon endroit préféré : Front of our house
  • Mes promenades préférées : Hill Crest