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Elsinore, or 'Elsie' as we call her, came to us via a resuce organisation. I did a search on the net to find a new dog to add to our family. Elsie was with a rescue organisation in Western Australia. I live on the Eastern side. I don't really know how she ended up being in foster care, however I am so lucky to have her in our family. Elsie had a two and a half hour drive to Perth, then once on the plane it was about a five hour flight from Perth to Brisbane with a stopover in Adelaide, then another two hours drive till she finally arrived home. She truley is a gentle giant. She loves Foden and Rissole and loves to run around the paddock, swim in the dam and play with the cows.

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  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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