Photo de profil de Gloria

Profil de Gloria

  • Nom : Gloria
  • Race : Shih Tzu (Chien)
  • Age : 14 ans
  • Surnoms : Gloria
  • Maître : ahgapena
  • Sexe : Femelle

My puppy, Gloria is given to me by a friend after I sold her two toy poodle in the internet. As a gift, she gave me a tri-color pure bree shih tzu. I named her Gloria, after the hippo in the movie Madagascar. We already have two dogs at home, named Marty and Melman. Im looking for another dog to be named Alex. Gloria is a very adorable and cute puppy. She loves pork and chicken fillet (i personally make the fillet for her) and i also feed her dog food (eukanuba) which she really loves. Gloria has a leather collar with silver lock (one of my friends promised to give me a pink collar). Gloria loves to play a lot with her silver ball ( a stress ball). She sleeps in my bed and fortunately, doesn't pee there. She takes Tiki-tiki as her vitamins (recommended by her vet). I love Gloria a lot and I know that she loves me too. She licks me everywhere and I really like it.

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  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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