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Profil de Angel

  • Nom : Angel
  • Race : Persan (Chat)
  • Age : 17 ans
  • Surnoms : Zangel, Zan
  • Maître : Cheryl Swart
  • Sexe : Femelle

My husband and I went to look at the kittens at some breader's house. When we saw her running out from behind the corner chasing her sister, we fell in love with her! She was so cute and fluffy and must have weighed about 300 grams! I picked her up and she fell asleep in my arms while I was chatting to the breader. We then decided to take her home with us. (^^,)

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Ma personnalité

  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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