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  • Surnoms : Ladybird and Pirate
  • Maître : ladybird
  • Sexe : Femelle

My fiance came home oneday with Lady she was so tiny, he saved her from being put down because she was the runt, at first she was scared because she wasnt weened yet but I gave her lots of puppy milk and lots of cuddles and love, like most puppys she liked top chew everything up but her favorite things have always been anything new so when we bought somthing we had to hide it for a while till it lost its new smell she just loved, she is so well behaved but she does talk back when she is in a mood, she never crosses the road now without us saying it is safe she makes me proud every day at how smart and kind she is. We live near a school and everyday she talks to the kids they all love her and call her Pirate because of her black patch over her eye it is so perfect that a women once said I painted it on hahaha, Lady is so spoilt but I let her be a dog I dont beleive in dressing dogs up they a perfect just the way they are.

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  • Mon jeu préféré : My old scarlf
  • Ma nourriture préférée : Chicken
  • Mon endroit préféré : The dam and Camping spots.
  • Mes promenades préférées : the park to play in the fountain