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Hi I'm Hobo! About 4 years ago I was dumped at a vets by my previous owners when I was very sick. I was very skinny and had been attacked by 2 bull mastiffs (probably my own fault I like to tease other dogs!). I was beaten really badly and had lots of cuts and scratches and a massive hernier on my tummy. The mean vet was going to put me to sleep rather than fix me up, but luckily the vet nurse was friends with my new parents who were looking for a cute dog like me. They adopted me, but only after they had to pay for my operation - nasty vet can't believe he wasn't going to save me!! I growled at him whenever he came near me - I knew what he was going to do to me! Anyway because I was a homeless dog my new parents called me HOBO !! I am a total entertainer and love to have fun, but I'm very naughty and don't like doing what I'm told! I'm very naughty when I go for walks too, I love to bark at other dogs and pull on my lead - only because it's just soooo exciting though! I also love my food and will do anything for a snack, even climb on to the kitchen benches when I can get away with it. hee hee I really love my parents and especially cuddles and sleeping on the bed with them too!

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