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Profil de Shebuh

  • Nom : Shebuh
  • Race : Beagle (Chien)
  • Age : 15 ans
  • Surnoms : Missy Moo, Little Miss, Sheebers, Shebuh Deebuh, Pigdog, Catdog, Farty Bum
  • Maître : pengfree
  • Sexe : Femelle

My husband and I had been wanting a beagle for some time and every time we saw beagle puppies at the pet shop we'd melt, but we really didn't want to get one from the pet store. A friend told us of a lady she knew who had a pair of beagles, and the female was due soon, so we spoke to the woman and she said she'd let us know as soon as they were born. When the puppies were 4 weeks old we were able to go and choose our pup. Our choice was made a little easier, as we wanted a female and there were only 2 in the litter. My husband held one, and I held one, and of course we each wanted the one we were holding. So I held one in each hand and held them in front of my face to try to decide which one to choose by looking in their eyes. Our little Shebuh just stuck out her tongue and licked my nose, and I said 'I think I've been chosen!' She was the one my husband had been holding, and I am so glad we chose her. She is the sweetest, most loveable, affectionate dog I have ever had and I've grown up with dogs! We had 4 weeks before she would be ready to leave her mother, so we went home and tried to come up with the perfect name for her. She was a 40th birthday present to both my husband and myself, and she was also a reward to us both for having been through some really rough times, so we wanted a name that signified what she meant to us. I searched the internet - baby name sites, foreign language sites, anywhere that might give me inspiration, for a name that meant 'gift' or 'reward'. My husband eventually said, 'what about an acronym?'. So we started tossing ideas around, until he said 'what about Shebuh, meaning SHE Brings Us Happiness?' It was perfect! And it is so true as well. She also has a middle name - Odette which is a French name meaning 'happy home', and that is what we have since she came into our lives. We can't remember what life was like without her!

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  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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