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It was year 2006, the stressful year of my life. I went to Clark, Pampanga to visits some friends and there I found him! This cute little pup, has brown eyes and nose. His coat is white as snow. He came to my life just on time. He makes me happy and more responsible. We have been together in many places during his younger days. We've been to Tagaytay. I still remember when he was still afraid to go down the stairs. We used to walk everyday and when he get tired he will stand up against me so that I can carry him home like a child. We sleep together and we bath together.. everyday. We both feel sad everytime I left him alone at home because I have to go for work but when I got home, I feel his happiness. I always brought him "Siopao" as pasalubong and he eats it in a funny way. He likes to ride in the tricycle or in a Car and he will sit in the passenger seat attentively and behavely. He has a very sharp memory. I got lots of funny thoughts of him and until now he is still the same. A very sweet and intelligent dog. Lots of kids like him and we love him!

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  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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