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My name is Bella. For the first two yeas f my life I was a working sheepdog in Wales and not looked after very well. I wandered around from farm to farm trying to find food and a tummy tickle! One day a man arrived to collect puppies from a farm, the farmer told him that I had been wandering around for two years. The man took me and the puppies to a dogs home in Essington near Walsall. Soon afterwards my new mummy came looking for a dog companion. She decided to take me to her home where she gave me a bath to get rid of my fleas and gave me a big bowl of food. At first I was very frightened especially as I had a secret which new mummy did not yet know about. Soon I was very happy as I was fed twice a day, taken on nice walks where I did not have to round up sheep, and I had lots of cuddles, which is my favourite thing!!! I had a nice soft and warm bed to sleep on and my new family bought m lots of presents. I was just getting settled into my new home when my mummy took me to the vet because I kept being sick. The vet told my mummy my big secret. I was having some puppies!!!! My new mummy was very worried because the vet told her that considering I was pregnant I was emaciated and the trauma of giving birth might be too much for me!! My mummy had grown to love me very much and couldn’t bear to take me back to the dogs home which I was very relieved about because I had grown to love my new mummy too!!! On 13th September 2007 I gave birth to five healthy puppies two boys and three girls. My grandma was with me when my first son was born and my mummy, Grandma and Grandpa were there for the birth of the others. My mummy managed to find homes for the two boys together and two of the girls together which left of little girl without a home. My mummy decided to keep this little girl and because she was the third born we called her ‘Trinity’. She is a little monkey!!! I am now a happy dog when I am not being bounced on by Trinity. I never want to go back to being a sheep dog again.

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