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Well..... in 2006 my then fiance and I were coming to the end of our 6 month tenancy at our flat (which didn't allow pets) and my sister, fiance and I had a trip to the local dog shelter not intending to come home with a dog, however my sister and I spotted Leo ( then named Buddy ) all shy and quiet in the corner! We new we shouldn't take him home as pets were not allowed but his adorable eyes changed our minds and off we went to fill in the paper work! We then took him with us to the pet store and bought him lots of new things including a bed, toys, treats, collar, lead etc etc and then we took him home! He turned into a crazy dog jumping from one sofa to the other! (we are now accustomed to this)! He wasn't so quiet after all, however he has a great personality and is as cuddly as a dog could be, he loves to lie by the fire on a cold day or in the sun on a hot day and his absolute favourite hobby is diving, he loves to dive into ponds, lakes, etc and swim straight back to dive in again! When he came to us he was 1 year old, he was found wandering the streets and was quite skinny with his ribs showing! He also has what looks like a docked tail however the vet thinks he was born with it as his tail is dead up to the bottom of his back, it doesn't seem to bother him too much though!!! In the shelter he was treated as a dog that 'fights', however on introducing him to my family's dogs he seemed to get a long fine! Therefore after about a year or so of having him we thought it would be nice for him to have a companion therefore we went to the shelter and tried to introduce him to a female rottweiler, however she did not like him at all so next they said they had a puppy english bull terrier, after several trials they seemed to get along so we brought Woody home with us, however after a week or so it became apparent that Woody was attacking Leo (in play) and was targetting the same spot over and over again on his cheek, this had lead to Leo becoming very red and sore, we thought this was unfair on Leo and therefore unwillingly had to take Woody back to the shelter! Some months later after leaving Leo at a local bording kennels while we were away we came to pick him up and they asked if we ever thought of getting another dog, so to cut a long story short, we came home with Maisey a StaffxPointer - she was amazing, such a gentle giant, however 3 days later when some children were walking across our back wall Leo and Maisey both jumped up and started to chase after them barking, etc and then they started to attack each other - it was very serious, I was with my sister however she, being afraid had ran outside! I finally got them to let go of each other and it seemed Leo had some rather nasty injuries and we rushed him to the vets where he had stitches to his leg and face! So with tears in my eyes that was Maisey back to the kennels! Third time lucky this christmas we brought home a puppy staff who has been with us for over a month now with no problems, Leo loves her and she loves Leo! So fingers crossed thats it for us - Leo and Angel !!!

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