Photo de profil de J.B. aka Belmondo

Profil de J.B. aka Belmondo

BELMONDO MOTHER: AZIZA (HD A, ED 0/0, OCD neg.) JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2017, MULTI CHAMPION, JCH, MULTI BOB, CACIB, BIG etc., daughter of GYZ MEDZHAL ALA- Grand Champion RUSSIA, Multi CHAMPION RUSSIA, RCAC at WORLD DOG SHOW in MOSCOW 2016 in class champion from 27 females in the ring, She was between 4 best dog-females in-ring there. Also, she took at WDS 2016 on SPECIAL DOG SHOW of CAO - CHAMPION OF BREED 2016 in Moscow, these titles have only two dogs CAO's at the WORLD, my daughter Gyz and male Sartash (Russia). Gyz is the daughter of WORLD CHAMPION 2013 and V-WORLD CHAMPION 2015 AA UTIUR and our female Sher-Giz HVala (imp. Russia) FATHER of BELMONDO is Uruk Bash ILDAR prestigious Russian dog! HD A, ED 0/0, OCD neg.,is an exceptional male with a rich pedigree and many titles from shows. WORLD WINNER 2016 Moscow ???? RAMENSKIY GRIZLI GULZAR II GRAND CHAMPION RUS, 7x CHAMPION NKP, CH RKF, JCH RU, CH RU, Multiple BOB etc... Mother is an amazing black girl Sher-Giz KELLELI ???? JUNIOR CHAMPION OF RUSSIA, CHAMPION OF RUSSIA She is the daughter of a beautiful black dog BABUR which is inbreeding 3:4 on an amazing male O´DAN IZ RUSSKOY LEGENDY WWW.MEDZHALALA.CZ

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  • Energique
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