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well here it is.... i was ice fishing with my parents friends and they invited us over to thier house. wewent and saw that they had two dogs, i was thrilled because i love dogs. anyway one was a little bichon frise and the other was a big rottwiler. the rottwiler was named frodo an he always bullied the smaller dog named buffy. me and my brother played withher for 3 hours carrying her around. when it was time to leave her owner said that she was for sale! i begged my parents for 5 days. when we bought her she was very nervous and scared but now she is as happy as ever! the wierdest things she does is when she eats she picks the food up out of her bowl and then goes somewhere else and eats it. and also once its 9:00 clock she starts digging in the couch cushion and rolling and scratching and sneezing it very cute! the scariest thing she ever did was run away... she only ran down the block to say hi too the nabors but i was still crying for a long time( even after we found her) the cutest thing she has ever done was 1 1. she was sitting on my bed and my dad was sitting next to him and started talking in his baby voice to her and she put her paw on his nose and just sat there with her eyes saying " hush child, hush." it was funny. 2. she woke up and went to her favorite chair and rolled over with her head hanging off her chair and that made her yawn and in the middle up yawning she sneezined witch gave her the hicupps, it was so cute!

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