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Profil de Kalle

Mes informations

  • Nom : Kalle
  • Race : Jagdterrier (Chien)
  • Age : 21 ans
  • Surnoms : Burschi, Kleiner Mann
  • Maître : Best666
  • Sexe : Mâle

We found Kalle in a shelter in Brussels and the beginning was quite tough. He was very unsocial with other dogs, he knew no toys and we already thought of giving him back...but he stayed. Until his last day, we have never regretted this decision. He was the perfect dog. A Philosopher under the dogs. Inside like a piece of furniture and the best friend one could have, out site he stayed quite unsocial with most dogs, but he developed a strong affection to big dogs (great Danes and dogs with te same colors). His only problem was his parking, outside he got sometimes so excited that he did not stop parking. And most probably, that´s what cost him his life, 1 month ago he was poisoned. He was the best dog I ever had and we will always remember him. I miss him a lot.

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Tout ce que j'aime

  • Mon jeu préféré : everything
  • Mon endroit préféré : sunlight
  • Mes promenades préférées : everywhere