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Profil de Chester

The original owners of Chester are migrating to the US, so they entrusted their dogs to close friends and relatives, my dad (a former colleage) included. Chester was just over a month old when dad took him home. I wanted to name him Marley, after the famous labrador from the movie Marley and Me, but when I saw him, he has this cholocate colored fur and did not look anything like Marley. So we decide to name him Chester (as in Chestnut brown ;P). So far, he wolfs down his doggie chows, wants to be with people all the time, plays with Milo (our other dog-pug) as his past time, and has this irritating high-pitched yelp every time he's left alone. But over all, he is very cute, soft and cuddly and we love him as much as we love our other three adorable dogs -Bruce, Milo and Miko. =)

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  • Energique
  • Intelligent
  • Sociable
  • Joueur

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