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  • Le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009 à 23:39

    hi, this group is all about training your

    pet(s) although we are working hard to

    make this group better.so, if you joined

    this group, here are few steps.

    1) join the group

    2) wait for someone to send info.

    3) share some tips youve learned before.(not in this group.

    ex. from ur home, vet, etc.)

    4) share it to the group.

    5) get knowledge in this group.

    6) enjoy, share, and have fun in this group!

    thank you all for joining this group.

    kind regards,


    dans the group (about)
  • Le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009 à 23:28

    ya know, i’ve been waiting for a long time now to get infos.

    until how long will i wait for you to give me some infos????

    dans this group teaches you how to train your pets!!!
  • Le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009 à 23:25

    good teacher. very well.

    dans learn, share, and have fun!
  • Le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009 à 01:57

    this is required. before/ after joining the group, you should add photos.

    dans kitty fun is cool!
  • Le Mercredi 24 Juin 2009 à 01:52

    this is a group with nice pictures.

    but this group may not accept all

    people who join. But the group will

    have free pet photos and kitty

    profiles to look at and enjoy.

    but don’t stop now. keep checking.

    this group may only share certain infos and photos to few members.

    dans kitty fun club