Why Bettas might be the best pet for you.

1. Personality – Though small, they are very intelligent and will easily recognize you as the Great Giant Face: Bringer of Food and Fresh Water. You’ll easily spot them if they’re happy(alert and quick) or if they’re feeling a little under the weather(sluggish, listless..) just by looking at them.

2. Style – Variations of fin types and colors have been going around since the 80’s and they never go out of style. Even the classless veiltail would look fantastic on your tanks.  No two bettas look alike and you are sure to find one that suits you.

3. Compact – They can live in small containers but thrive in 5 gallons of water, which is still smaller than waht ither fish would require.

4. Low Cost – For once, filters, lights, even airstones are optional. You would never have to worry if you left these electronic davices on/off when you’re out of the house. The less-than-$50 5 gallon tank is a plus!

5. No Pets Allowed? – No problem. While many apartment buildings don’t allow cats and dogs many still permit small aquariums or fish bowls. Even college dorms often allow fish where they prohibit other pets. Just because you can’t have a dog or cat today, doesn’t mean you can’t have a companion at all. Check your housing regulations before buying your betta.

6. Ease of Care – Once your aquarium is set up and established, bettas require only an hour or two of work each week to clean their tank or bowl, test their water quality, check their temperature and just a minute for daily feedings.

7. Learning Opportunity – Like anything, you get out what you put in. Your betta can be simply a companion but he can also be used to learn all about chemistry, science, math, genetics and art. Parents use betta fish to teach their children about fish care and responsibility.

8. Competition – Once you get the hang of caring for bettas you might get the itch to compete. Fighting is legal in their home turf, Thailand, but I recommend a more subtle approach: Betta Beauty Shows.

9. Compatibility – Already have an aquarium? It is commonly believed that betta fish have to be kept alone. While it’s true that you shouldn’t keep more than one male or a male and female together, bettas of both genders can often be integrated successfully into a community aquarium. Bettas have been known to great with other tropical species.

10. Support – aside from books and magazines, the Internet has helped betta enthusiasts reach out and share what they know to other betta keepers. I always wanted to build up my own site about bettas just to have an outlet of all the things I’ve been taking in from the internet but it seems you guys don’t need another betta site.

There’s bettatalk.com,


nippyfish.blogspot.com(where this post originally came from),


and other sites that’ll provide you enough knowledge in keeping bettas.