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Please help us in Australia


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  • Avatar Barking Mad Barking Mad
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    Inscription : Le 16/04/2009 à 04:06
    Localisation : Sydney
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    par Barking Mad Le Jeudi 16 Avril 2009 à 06:56

    We have the highest rate of pet ownership in the world – 65%.  Yet, we can’t take our pets to the beach, to many parks (we have parks larger than the size of France!), or on holidays without a lot of trouble.

    It’s hard to find a place to rent with pets, and there are laws against pets in units.

    Please join our group and share your experience.

  • Avatar Invité Invité

    par Invité Le Jeudi 16 Avril 2009 à 16:28

    Hi “Barking Mad”,

    Many thanks for sharing this with us. We have thought one to move out to Australia, but it’s also very complicated with a dog and a cat. I didn’t even know the law was so restrictive for our pets in Australia :(

    As a comparison, Dogs are not allowed everywhere in France, of course, but it sounds a lot simpler to do things with them. For instance, we’ve been to a beach in France, where dogs are not allowed. We had to go 1 km away, and not more restriction. (pictures of Unix, our German Shorthaired Pointer).

    Also, most of restaurants in France will accept dogs, as soon as you can manage your dog, of course.

    As another example, we’re going to center parcs (a kind of mini-city, lake-border, with very nice bungalows) tomorrow for a week, and dogs are also allowed. We have to go to small areas for their natural needs, but we walk arround almost everywhere with the dog.

    Finally, the law is really strange for walk with your dog. You’re supposed to have your dog always attached with a leash, otherwise you’re considered as a hunter (99% of french people might ignore this law) :) But since we also have a lot of forrest arround there, Unix is running every week-end for hours “leash-free” !

    I’m wondering how this situation would be in other countries, especially in Singapore and New Zeland, experiences might be slightly different :)




  • Avatar theparrotletdude theparrotletdude
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    Inscription : Le 05/07/2011 à 23:33
    Animaux : Chase, Benry

    par theparrotletdude Le Mercredi 06 Juillet 2011 à 10:54

    Hmm… Know any laws about taking a bird for a walk?

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